How To Achieve Financial Freedom at the Age of 30?

Simple Answer: Yes, it’s possible. But the real question is HOW? Read this article below and you’ll be amazed on how anybody can achieve financial success at age 30.


The Concept of Age and Financial Freedom:

Most of us had spent their lives achieving financially worry free lives – work now, reap the benefits later. However, due to this same mindset, we have lost our ability to think if when would we stop working to achieve financial freedom or how to just receive financial freedom.

Sad to say, millions of people become disgruntled by the fact that by the age of thirty, most of us will not be able to achieve financial freedom. In fact, by this age… it’s fairly difficult to achieve so, and this is due mostly to unpreparedness. However, do not ever think that it’s already too late because when investing, too late is not an excuse not to succeed. It’s possible but you must prepare to raise capital, save and invest.

Unpreparedness to save, invest, and raise capital for the future…

When we first started working, we thought that all we have to do is work… get paid and be indispensable for the company and hopefully receive retirement pay… all the while spending time with our family; but still, due to the importance of work, we then forget our families. Now, we get stuck working until 60s because its not cheap to pay for bills, insurances, debt, mortgage, groceries, or even education of the young ones (or ours). We then get to this vicious cycle of spend and earn rather than raise capital, save, then invest.

So what should we do?

I often said on my coachings that a person must know when and how to invest. Most of us fail to do this and especially here in the Philippines – people often regret not saving and raising capital for their retirement or investment ventures. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before one can realize that he had lost precious time to invest before the age of 30… the rest is then history as we know it. Thus, time is of the essence when you invest, the earlier you start – the higher your profit… The later you start – the lower your profit.

In order to prevent this, I wrote a book about investment and it says that the only system that will aid this predicament is to ensure that you have an income to raise capital for investing, save that capital if its not yet big, then buy or invest on any financial vehicles that could raise your hard earned money – I suggest stocks and UITF.”

If you want to learn more on how to do this, you could get my Ebook on the store page and once again, remember…

Raise capital, Save, and then Invest…

-Admin Jay


"Jay Penn" is a Financial Literacy Mentor and Investor who is best known for his Book "Polymath's Profit". He is also an expert in the field of Maritime, Engineering, and Emergency Medical from his past careers. Experienced with Security Analysis, Crisis Prevention, Contingency Planning, and Global Maritime Distress Safety System. Currently instructs Nautical Sciences and is an avid Researcher of Business and Economics. He is also recognized as the "Top Maritime Instructor" for 3 consecutive years in the Maritime Education from 2014; raising the standard for the Maritime Industry and Training.

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