Relax in the Philippines here in Villa Navarro, Pansol, Laguna.

Hey guys! Summer is on the loose and I know a good place here in Laguna, Philippines to relax. Villa Navarro is a good place to stay and make memories.

As my faithful readers, I will provide you with the latest discount for Villa Navarro here in Pansol, Laguna.

A 10% Discount will be given on off season reservation and 5% on Peak Season! Contact us @ 09298939331 and call for Katrina or Jay.

Villa Navarro – The Paradise within the Springs of Mt. Makiling.

Has your year been so busy? Not yet ready for another hardwork? Want to relax but not on a far away land?

You will love this private resort – pool below, rooms above!

Look no further! Villa Navarro is being offered here in – you can be assured that you can enjoy the resort with a fun or relaxing swim while enjoying the benefits of Mt. Makiling’s healing springs. Truly, one of the best private resort here in Pansol, Laguna.

The Whole Villa will be offered to you at a reasonable price when you call for reservation. Both the 1st and 2nd floor will be rented to you; the 1st floor has the tables and pools for your enjoyment and the 2nd floor where the rooms are located – the balcony, is also available for you.

Only one of the most special and exclusive private resort in Laguna.

Roomy and Air Conditioned – Nothing beats that.

The rooms of Villa Navarro offers a spacious 34.5 Sq Meters and on a exclusive offer here in livinglifeph, we will include 2 rooms of the villa for the price of one. The villa being offered has a top floor where the rooms are located and the 1st floor where the tables and bathrooms are also located. You can share drinks here and even cook food for your family/guests. This is the best that you can get for a private resort. You won’t regret it.





The 1st floor is where the tables are located so you could set up for dinner or lunch in a jiffy. Also, the grills and kitchen is here too so if you would like to cook anything, then just use these free facilities free of charge. The gazebo is also yours for your usage, here, you can chat with friends or even have a nice party with your family, definitely a WIN for such a private resort. But if that is not enough, then may I also offer you a “Karaoke Rental”.

The party will never be dull or boring!

The pools in the villa have both slides but with different height and temperature; that way, the adults can have fun and the kids could have theirs too. With the temperature on differential, you could relax on the small pool while drinking that “Cold San Mig Beer” or swim at the adult pool for a sporty and energizing exercise; both pools are warm so you can be assured that even at night, the pool will offer comfort even if its cold on the yard. Yes, you got it right – both pools are offered to you at a price of one.

 Due to the nature of seasons here in the Philippines, we can provide you with the price quotation when you call. But please be assured that you will get the best deal. I promise, so call now!

You can be rest assured that when you avail of our affiliated private resort, your enjoyment and absolute fun will always be our concern. Please call and reserve your slot with us today @ 09298939331. 



Relax in the Philippines




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