How to create an MLM or Multilevel Marketing Business Successfully

Networking has been popular nowadays, with its ease and promising returns, you could start this business easily even with only a few money to spend.

Here in, we will discuss about whether creating an MLM business is good for you or NOT. Because MLM is a different type of business scheme, most people lose money for not doing any research. But as you read this article, you will be able to figure out the pros and cons of this business. I also included a heads up on this on my latest ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines” – you could learn that there is a secret and trick on how to successfully do this business.

What is an MLM?

A Multi-level Marketing is a marketing system that involves products to be sold by the company to the distributor (or seller). Later, that same distributor will sell the products to the masses, earning commission while also recruiting other members that can/may contribute to the NETWORK of the said company.


The Process:

First you need to find a legitimate MLM Agency: Start looking up online but I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND any agency not registered with the BIR or SEC. They could scam you.

Second, make sure that you get only the package that you can afford and can absolutely market/advertise well. Because if the product that you bought as a seller does not have any value or any usefulness – then it becomes nothing.

Lastly, recruit as much as possible for your commission and even discount of your own product package straight from the company. You can even use social media and blogs to advertise your product and company.


Pretty Easy Right? What is the Advantage?

Well, the advantage of the MLM is that you could do this while at home or even part-time while at work. Though, I highly suggest that you do MLM only with the spare money that you can fare.

You could do this while at home or even part-time while at work. – MLM

You can receive profit on MLM on two ways:

1) From the products that you sell; you can receive commission.

2) From your network of recruits which could also gain you commission.

The more people that you put in the “team” or “group” of your MLM, the more you could gain money. The more you also sell your products, the more you could also receive commission and reward points from being a “good” salesperson. My wife receives income this way and she racks in money like it was shower – she advertises and sell “Nlighten Products” – these beauty products are one of the most successful MLM with legit company that creates and sells its products. I highly suggest this.

The Ugly Disadvantage.

Sad to say, not all business are a walk in the park. MLM is not an exception – it is riddled with bad reputation, bad products, and bad marketing.

Sometimes, the product that you sell as part of the company becomes obsolete (i.e. USELESS) that selling it becomes the next hard thing than what you do at the toilet.

Sometimes, the products are just useless and unsaleable

Often than not, you could barely recruit any new members to even receive a commission; as what we have said, either your product does not have any value or the company itself does not have any good reputation.

Mostly, it is also due to the company. If you read my article about “The Dirty Secret of MLM”, you’ll know that some MLM agency/companies can and will scam you with useless products for an empty promise of success.

Since time immemorial, MLM has received tons of complaints ranging from the UNO Scams and useless, unsaleable products. MLM as a matter of fact, became one of the biggest scam in the world (ex. Ponzi Scheme).

Did my wife experienced this with her current “Nlighten Products”? Actually and truthfully, NO.

Remember, as long as the company is legitimate, then you won’t have to worry about being scammed.


The Truth and Conclusion:

Truth be told, MLMs are supposed to be a good investment scheme.  But the nature of some Filipinos made this awesome path to riches to become a thorny and muddy road. However, there is hope.

If you could find some awesome and legitimate company with certifications from the BIR and SEC, then definitely that company could provide you with legitimate course to success. So don’t quit your day job yet, you could always venture on this business opportunity but remember to tread well, scams are still everywhere. So go get my ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines” so that you could gain wealth instead of fear and headache with this business.

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