My Best Decision is to Live Successfully in the Philippines.

Updated: March 2017 by Jay Penn

Staying in the Philippines may be a ride in a roller coaster; it has its ups and downs but I think it will be one of the best decision anybody could have done on their lives. Some people thin that the american dream is always but a dream for some of us. Don’t get me wrong, we love the land of the free, the brave, and well… the few. But Living shouldn’t be as much as a crime when you are just trying to make a living or planning for a life. So how is that any different here in the Philippines? I have jotted down things that makes the PH a worthwhile place to stay in. May it be for retirement, vacation, or for settling your wings to finally live in comfort; I believe this will be helpful.

  1.  Cost of Living:

This pretty much tops every reason there is in living here in PH. A lot of foreigners/expat decides to stay here in the Philippines due to this reason alone.  Why? because from where they live, costs such as for insurance, tax, utilities, even food could be a downer there abroad. I remember before that when I have to pay some of my electrical bills abroad, I often look at how much I will pay it in the Philippines. A $300 electrical bill could be 13,000 Php here in the Philippines. But how much do we have to pay electrical bills here in the PH? mostly 1,000 Php to 3,000. That is just a fraction of it.  A lot of filipinos buy houses here in the Philippines when they go abroad. Why wouldn’t they? their house that could have been 250,000 USD can be bought within a fraction of that price here in PH. Food is cheap here in PH and public transportation is the hype here, meaning, gasoline or diesel prices should barely affect transport budget because you only have to pay for public fare unless you have a business with transportation. Do the math and you will find out that it really is cheaper here.


2.   Accomodation:

As I have said before in the Philippines, house and lots are very affordable depending on your budget. For OFWs, usually they save money to buy house or lots rather than spending their money buying it abroad. Unless ofcourse they intend to stay there. So what does it mean for expats/ foreigners who wants to settle here in PH? well, there are some things that need to be cleared out as there laws regarding ownership of PH real estate here for us expats/foreigners. But those will not be a problems at all especially if you would buying a condominium. More of that later on my discussion regarding condos/apartments. But look, here in the Philippines the medium size houses or condos costs just about 500k Php to 2 Million Php (roughly 50,000+ USD).

A medium size house/lot is about 200 Sq. mtrs or for condos would be 30 Sq. mtrs. A medium house could house atleast 10 people depending on design or construction and a medium sized condo could atleast accommodate a small family. If you would like my expertise on this matter, please do email or call me on my contact page. We will definitely get you a place to stay in comfort here in the Philippines.

3. Business:

Business laws here are quite relax especially for starter businesses. You could often start a business without the necessary permits until later when you are settled (they call it bootlegging). But not only that, they also accept foreign investors here. One of the best business ever created from foreign nationals in the Philippines is in Makati on which they made a call center based business and in return, also providing jobs for filipinos. However, if you would like to learn more about businesses such as these, then go and search for They have a lot of useful info regarding businesses for foreigners too over there. Retailing and Distribution business are good here in PH too because the Philippines are a consumer type economy, meaning, you’ll earn profits too from buy and sell as they prefer local and international brands that promote luxury and well being. (ex. iPhone or Samsung)

4. Leisure and Travel

All through out the year, the Philippines maintain a tropical climate and has only two seasons (pretty much), rain and sunny. That’s it. Usually from February to August it is warm then to latter months it becomes rainy or stormy. However there is no snow here so people suffering arthritis will be comfortable the whole year. So what does that tell the travel bug within us? Well, if you are planning to spend the how summer in the Philippines, you could spend it in BORACAY or PUERTO GALERA. I assure you, these beaches are hot! (no pun intended). The white sands massaging your feet, the sounds of the waves hitting the shore creates an ambiance of calmness. Winds rustling at the background as you fall asleep. These are all the feelings you will get when you spend time in the Philippine beach.

Or if you want to cool down then you may go to BAGUIO or TAGAYTAY, the warm weather will have little effect there and Baguio as some people call it, is the summer capital of the Philippines. So if you would like any of those leisure or travel (or even anywhere in the Philippines) then you may call me or just email me at

***We have an affiliated travel agency that could save you for you leisure and travel needs on a discounted price from 10% to as low as 50%. Anywhere in the Philippines! just email me and ask for a quotation and I will respond to you personally.


5. The place and the people!

Filipinos are the most cheerful and happiest people in the world. They are very hospitable and will help you in anyway they can. Sure, there can be some horror stories surrounding the experiences of other Foreigners but isn’t that the same as anywhere else? I have myself an experience of Filipino hospitality on that one time  where my car broke down in the middle of C3 road (back from Manila) and there was nobody that could help us. Well, we asked an old man living in a mechanical shop and even though we are disturbing his dinner that time, he still insisted on helping and even charged up our batteries for FREE!

Anyways, like I said the Philippines is actually a safe place to stay in, just be careful on some places and read my article about it “here“, if you will be vigilant then there won’t be any issues at all.

There certain parts in the Philippines that spell trouble but that shouldn’t deter the the expat/foreigner spirit within us because the government have been eliminating these threats since way before. Just be smart, be safe, and live a normal happy life in the Philippines.

If you would like a secure place to stay in or settle in the Philippines indefinitely, we could help you on that as we have a team of real estate agents that will help you find your dream house or place in the Philippines away from all the hassles and troubles. Just email us at: and we will ensure to provide you the best condo, house and lot, or accomodation for all of your needs, right in the center of the Philippines.


In conclusion, living in the Philippines may be one of the biggest change to a person’s life. However, it doesn’t have to be a hassle or troublesome as this may also mean pleasure and comfort for the weary and tired. May you be a working person abroad or an expat, it is never too late to start living here in the Philippines. Just remember, you are not alone and we are here. We can all live peacefully and comfortably in the Philippines.




"Jay Penn" is a Financial Literacy Mentor and Investor who is best known for his Book "Polymath's Profit". He is also an expert in the field of Maritime, Engineering, and Emergency Medical from his past careers. Experienced with Security Analysis, Crisis Prevention, Contingency Planning, and Global Maritime Distress Safety System. Currently instructs Nautical Sciences and is an avid Researcher of Business and Economics. He is also recognized as the "Top Maritime Instructor" for 3 consecutive years in the Maritime Education from 2014; raising the standard for the Maritime Industry and Training.

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