How do you make money with Blogs Successfully.

On this Part of our Online Business series, we will discuss how to monetize your website to create income and profit. Read our article here and get my Ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines” as a sure guide to your success.

How do you monetize?

As what we have said on our last article, you got to have your own website made. It could be any niche type of a website; what matters is the audience and the amount of clicks you could make from your site.

There are several ways on how you could make money from your audience and clicks:

1. Affiliate Marketing 

If you have a website and you are under an affiliate program of say Amazon or Ebay, then you could also create commission from the purchase of their customers. does this too and they provide commission on the amount of items purchased by the customer. Affiliate Marketing programs differ from their mode and way of payment, but it’s also a good way to increase profits.


2. Adsense

Powered by google, these little ad banners could also make you profit if you do put their ads on your website. They pay you also by the amount of Clicks Per Page or through the Ads itself.

My website and creates income from such ads. You don’t have to do anything, just let the cash flow in and create an exciting content/articles.

3. Leasing Advertisement Space

You could also create an advertisement space or even an article page for your clients and have them become advertisers in your website. Like, if you have an online store, you could either lease a page or spot on your website from a Local Business or Franchise and provide a contract that they will pay a certain amount on a certain time – that way, you could earn from providing advertisement on their behalf at your website.

Though you have to ensure that you need to have a lot of followers or Viewers to make sure that you could make your offer a lot more attractive to advertisers.


These are effective ways to monetize your blog or website and not waste those precious bandwidth. Doing so, will not only act as a passive income in the future but also an active one if you are always online.

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