Economy: Philippines compared to Vietnam.

Welcome to, Today we are going to compare the Philippine’s economic status compared to that of Vietnam.


For a long vacation this last holiday (which is the reason why I wasn’t able to make some articles; sorry), me and my family went to Vietnam in order to enjoy the last days of the long holidays.

Vietnam is a beautiful and colorful place that boasts lots of delicious food and rich culture. Including the low price of bags, clothes, and goodies; I believe Vietnam is on the way to success – the same way as the Philippines.

But ofcourse, upon closer look and experience, one must still be true and honest – that is to say, Vietnam really still has a long way to go to that path of success. If only they have my ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines” then they might be able to boost their success further.

The People:

The people in the Vietnam are culturally inclined. You could see it in their paintings, to handicrafts, to even their mannerisms- their attitude reflects their culture. However, that same attitude is also one of their biggest problem especially with tourists and visitors. When we went there and tried to hire a taxi (Other than vinasun), drivers will then trick you with “money switch” scams or even sky-rocketing your bill for the fare. I would say that the biggest bane of their tourism is the people’s inability to not dupe tourists. When I first experienced this (at the taxi), I told myself that I will never go back again… but hey, I changed my mind a few minutes later.

Here’s why…

Vietnam also boasts with good quality accessories, bags, shoes,clothes, and even ELECTRONICS – in a cheaper price. The products are Class-A, meaning they are replicas of the real thing. The only difference is, Vietnam’s is much more sturdier.
We have the same products here in the Philippines  such as here:

(i.e. Divisoria), but the quality and the price just can’t be compared. I myself bought me a “Superdry Bag”, 2 UnderArmour Caps, 1 5.11 Tactical Ball cap and 3 Class A Branded shirts. I bought them for only 1 Million V.Dong (which is about 2,500 Pesos).
You can’t buy stuff that many here in the Philippines.
***But a Fair Warning though: When you buy at their local market, they might pull you over and double the price. Of course, being a full pledge Philippine-Fanatic, I have to do Haggling – so no worries about that.
Thing is, when you haggle with them, they often get frustrated and give up the price with the one you want. They probably know Filipinos are good customers but very skilled hagglers.

Food is great and delicious. There’s always a big abundance of them everywhere. All you have to do is go outside and there will be food stalls or even local cafeteria around. Food’s price are cheaper too, this is where Vietnam beats the Philippines. You will die of hunger if you over spend money in the Philippines but in Vietnam, as long you have 100K V.Dongs, you could literally Pig out when eating.
I love their “Pho” or vietnamese noodle soup with lots of vegetables and meat.
Liquor and Drinks will never be out anytime soon either, they are cheap and always available at every corner specially at 5:00 Pm.

There’s not much traffic around really. I was surprised with the heavy amounts of motorcycle (their staple vehicle) that nobody even gets jammed in traffic. I’ve seen one accident happen, but they just set that incident aside and started moving on. Gosh, their traffic is much faster to move on than your ex (just kidding). Anyways, that is also where Vietnam utterly defeats the Philippines. The reason is because, in Vietnam, showing off on your motorcycle is not a hype – nor your montero sport or fortuner neither, it’s just transportation. Also, unlike here in the Philippines, public transportation in Vietnam is small. So few public vehicles, less traffic. Let’s face it, the reason why traffic can’t be fixed in the Philippines is because your average jeep or bus driver will not even move as long as there are no passengers – that doesn’t work in Vietnam.

I could definitely say that their economy is still at its infancy. Though, if not because of some of its people’s attitude, I would say that Vietnam is really perfect. Unfortunately, on the Tourism department, they are still in a long way to go. Though after their government allowed free markets, the economy starts boosting also – this is a good sign that if given enough funds and years, Vietnam will rise. By then, I hope Vietnamese people also learn a few more “tourism” lessons so that tourists might come back there again. But as of now, I am glad to be back in the Philippines and prefer it here than there.

So if you prefer in the Philippines too, then go ahead and get my ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines” because living here could also make you rich and successful.

Live life in the Philippines


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