Good Places to retire in the Philippines.

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Let’s go ahead and discuss about the greatest place to retire here in the Philippines. We are going to provide the best place to use those hard earned pension pays to enjoy a fruitful and relaxing life here in the Philippines. Remember: if you have doubts about your decision, just comment below and I assure you, I could give you an arrangement that will fit your expense and emotional content with living a retired life in the Philippines.

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So you now have your finances squared-out, got the visas signed and tickets going, you have made your farewells to the family and ready to retire; this time, you are going to the Philippines! (Yay!)

But what are the good place to retire in the Philippines?

Here’s a lists of place to retire in the Philippines that would fit your budget and also your standard of living.


  1. Cebu– night life and warm beaches, sociable people and a welcoming presence will make you decide for this place to settle in. It is quite inexpensive to live as long as you stay simple with your lifestyle but if you are a party goer, then the night life will flourish you.
  2. Manila – center of the Philippines, nearby malls, domestic facilities nearby, and the center of business too. If you have a business such as BPO then Manila is usually the right place to settle in. It might get expensive to some, so, I wrote this on how to retire in Manila in order to help you figure out how to balance the cost of living there. Lots of night life and also fun travel spots to go such as Ocean Park and Mall of Asia.
  3. Bohol – Chocolate hills, farm like visage, the smell of youth, and ofcourse nature travel. This place boasts for one of the good place to retire. I believe if you have that nature loving aptitude then this retirement place is right for you.
  4. Zambales – this is quite nearby Subic as some expats often settles there but zambales is also big. With its rich beaches and culture, I believe settling here will be beneficial for the retiree who wants to have a relaxing life. It’s quite inexpensive too because it is often considered a rural area so taxes are lax and so are the products i.e. food, grocer, services… etc.
  5. Davao – Well this is a no brainer for some of our expats and retirees. Davao boasts the least city to have crimes. The place is peaceful and I’ve been there a couple of times for some of my business and I could tell you that Davao is both good for the budget and also for the travel-bug at heart. Lots of place to travel to and you won’t be bored with the culture this place offers.


Miscellaneous Places: There are more places to settle here in the Philippines for retirement but I humbly do not condone some of them. For example is Puerto Galera, Boracay, Palawan, and Southern Most part of Mindanao. Some of those places are just too expensive to live, unless you have a big cache of money and you would like to establish a business there then I suggest Boracay or Puerto Galera (Bar or Diving Resort of sorts). However, for some place… I discourage them because of domestic threats especially at southern part of the Philippines.

You might want to read this article about “safety” in the Philippines.

And there you have it, my suggestion for some of the great place to retire here in the Philippines. Please comment below and also read this article on “How to live an affordable life in the Philippines” for those who wants to budget their pension/income while settling here. Remember to get my ebook “Living Successfully in the Philippines“, it will be the most helpful guide to your successful retirement and living here in the Philippines, I guarantee it.



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