What filipinos do in Undas or All Saints Day?

Hmm… what do they actually do?

Well, here in the Philippines, Filipinos often go to their family (past family) members that once lived. They go to the cemetery and spend some quality time with their family members, offer prayers, eat in commune, make “candle-balls”, and ofcourse, chat about the good ole days.

They call it here “Undas”- a period of repenting, prayer, and also time with their deceased loved one’s.

This is also a period in the Philippines where ghost stories and paranormal activities are such a hit ( ***I still remember scream park where you get chased by zombies and scary stuff**).   Often, this is also a long-weekend holiday so Filipinos also plan excursions or out-of-towns depending on their schedule. Some go to the provinces while others spend some quality time with their living loved ones.

This is also a time for prayer so most old people go to church to offer “prayer dedications” for the deceased and then they also visit their living relatives, bringing Filipino delicacies or foods alike.

Although, some middle to high class (or depending on the locality) communities often do a halloween party or trick or treat, though trick or treating was often neglected due to their “expensive” and “non-filipino” traits.

All saints day here in the Philippines is quite robust, mostly planned ahead in order to ensure proper observance to their deceased relatives. Come by and visit here in the Philippines and you will like it!



Here are some destinations that is good to visit for All-Saints Day:

  1. Baguio City
  2. Tagaytay City
  3. Vigan
  4. Local Provinces
  5. Boracay
  6. Puerto Galera
  7. Quezon
  8. Ghost Hunting in Intramuros
  9. Halloween Night Life in Timog Avenue
  10.  At your own house (Yes! you could watch “MGB Halloween Special” and you’ll know what I mean. Prepare popcorn and some soda or beer, and you are good to go!)


Happy All Saints Day!



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