Why I went back to the Philippines leaving the life abroad.


I would like to say to you, my fellow readers, that regardless of what you are experiencing right now or troubles you are facing, please be assured that you are not alone.



You probably were thinking why I wrote this article. Well, I would like to ask you first why you came here in the first place?…

You were probably thinking of living in a different country rather than here right? Especially if its the Philippines, you might think that this article might help you realize a few things before you make that jump to a different career or country.

First, I would like to say that my life too had been full of hardships and success. Most of them have led me to where I am right now. Better yet, it led me to the USA for the first time in my life and ever since that day, I believed that my life would change…. or so I thought.

It did change though, the question is, if it is for the better or worse?

When I first came to USA, I hoped to get everything that I couldn’t while I was in the Philippines. The life, the career, the food, MONEY and pretty much the PRIDE of being part of the land of the FREE i.e. USA.

My readers, you were probably living that dream already (or currently) and you must be enjoying it. That is GOOD, that is success right there. There lies happiness tantamount to your own desires. If this is you then good.

However, how about those who were not happy? Those who were poor? broke? lost that career magic? got tired of living for work until the age of 85? How about those tired of the smack talking, back stabbing, gold digging “friends” that some of us experienced while living abroad? How about the hardship of being away from your family? Missing the most important events in your life or worse, missing your whole life because you can’t afford a break because bills pile up in a much expensive way?

I have experienced that too. For so many years I have thought that living abroad will provide you with the utmost success most people definitely want; “The chance to make yourself better”.

Some of us who were lucky managed to do so, but some of us didn’t. There is hope for those who were lucky right? But what about those who didn’t?…. Well, that’s why I wrote this article. From this day on, I will write articles about how to tackle life without much dependence to abroad living.


So here’s a little story before we delve in deeper with my advises on living here in the Philippines rather than abroad:



I was born in a household here in the Philippines were minimum wage was the standard. We were neither rich nor poor, we got education alright but not as much as living in the higher class cities. We were okay I guess.

Fast forward in my teens, I decided to move with my mother in the USA to make my life better. And so, from that day on I started working from being a dough maker in a bakery, nurse, then to the Military, and finally as an Engineer.

Life was good, or so I say it was good. That was like that until I realized that I am just living a pipe dream.

The typical american dream is have a house, a car, and a job. However, the progress of nihilism between Filipinos in the part of Norfolk where I reside started getting in to me.  I thought that what we are making here in the USA is for our life to better, but I feel as though I am just doing it so that I may be “better” than the rest.

One time, we have this filipino community meet up and what we do there is to mingle with fellow filipinos and share about life in general. But instead of life, I was always being nagged about “what is your job now?”, ” how much do you earn” and I swear, one time I heard they ask me “Can you be rich like us too?”

That final question actually made something snapped deep within me, it was all so true then. I was not making my self better… I was just trying to think I was better than the rest. I was wrong, it was all just crap.

Then from that time on, I started to see how my life abroad was changing. The life I was trying to salvage is just another trap for a debt ridden life. Education? be prepared until you get that financial aid debt. Bills to pay? how can you earn a living working 50 hours a week with 1,600 dollars and use that to pay bills for mortgage and insurances.

And don’t even start with the food, I literally have to section my food in order to let the money cut it in. I was literally on my wit’s end to the point I have to ask some of my friends to help me out. That was the most shameless part of my life because I even asked a local church before to provide some “help” either financial or food so that I may be able not to be hungry. I was so ashamed up to this day that I have a hard time typing this article as of now.

But I tried to endure, God knows how much I did.

Until one time, I got into a car accident…

I have my insurance premium paid but it is expected that my premium will be doubled this time, mortgage was piling up due to some difficulty with the payment my mother settled in with (which I have to help that time), the food was out, and I have to sell most of my stuff to accomodate the bills in electricity, phone for work, and water bills. And at this moment, I am about $300  short….I remembered this was what they call…. “BROKE.”

I asked my self, God, or whoever the heck in life could be asked “HOW MY LIFE TURNED OUT LIKE THIS?!”

I, for the most part, blame my parent for not paying the loans due to capricious luxuries in life, now she is bankrupt and my life was affected by it i.e. our HOME is now being foreclosed. I have a job, yes, but working as an engineer technician ain’t gonna cut a bill worth $3,000 including insurance premiums, car loans, and mortgage that my mother also has. How long would I endure this kind of lifestyle of eat, sleep, work, depression?

I realized that in this life, that some are just lucky…. I was just unlucky. I went to USA thinking and hoping for a rich life, but my parent there wasn’t that at all, as a matter of fact she is broke. She hopes that I may be the answer if we work together but instead, she became lazy and lethargic day by day because of it.

I can’t help my self envy those who have a settled family abroad (may it be USA or elsewhere) because I know for a fact that whatever their problems are… they always have a family to count on. I only have one, and she does not care at all as long she can keep her lifestyle…even if it results into a debt.

By this point on, my american dream has died.

Letting go is not exactly easy, but what can you do?


So I left the USA, and went back to the Philippines to make my life better. I can’t start it in the USA because my dead end career will only add up to the stress of being left behind in life.

Now here in the Philippines, I used my knowledge in the Military and education I received from the USA as a tool for my success. Now I work hard, as an educator and also as a coach in life, especially those who have experienced it the same way as I did.

With the savings I have kept in the USA that was supposed to help the vicious cycle of debt my mother had, which was transfixed with me; I used the my OWN savings instead to build my own apartment business and condo here in the Philippines.

Now, I can say…. I am totally free. I can actually say now that with my “own” strength, I have created my own future.




I left the Philippines knowing what I will leave behind in the USA. It saddens me, but I can’t just turn -over and say adieu with life. I was not the luckiest guy out there, but I have to think of a way on which life could be turned for the better. The question would probably be… WHY THE PHILIPPINES?

Because in the Philippines, foreign experiences and the like are sought after for employment requirements. The Philippines also offer strong suit for educational attainment (I am currently earning another Bachelor’s Degree with a fraction of money I use to study in the USA). There are no sky-high premiums for health insurances, better yet car insurances do not offer premiums that could reach the “roof”. Real estate is cheaper compared to the USA, and business here could be established without needing further heavy requirements.

That’s why I will also say that anybody could also live successfully here in the Philippines.

My dream may not be in America, but as of now I have:

A car

A motorcycle

A Condominium

A House

A Business

A Career

An education

A life…

This is now my dream. My own successful dream.


Thank you for reading my fellow readers. If you would like to further know about my life experiences or tips on how to create a successful life here in the Philippines; then go ahead and get my book titled:


Living Life Successfully in the Philippines by Jay Penn

I assure you, it is not yet too late nor too early to achieve that success in life. So before you quit your day job, went off and jump off the ship, or go back here in the Philippines, go ahead and read my ebook first so you may have an idea about living successfully here in the Philippines.

With that, Godbless and let me know your experiences by commenting below.





"Jay Penn" is a Financial Literacy Mentor and Investor who is best known for his Book "Polymath's Profit". He is also an expert in the field of Maritime, Engineering, and Emergency Medical from his past careers. Experienced with Security Analysis, Crisis Prevention, Contingency Planning, and Global Maritime Distress Safety System. Currently instructs Nautical Sciences and is an avid Researcher of Business and Economics. He is also recognized as the "Top Maritime Instructor" for 3 consecutive years in the Maritime Education from 2014; raising the standard for the Maritime Industry and Training.

2 thoughts on “Why I went back to the Philippines leaving the life abroad.

  • May 30, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Hi Sir,

    I could relate very much on this experience of yours. Though, not going abroad, but moving here in Makati City to get a better paying job but due to some circumstances, I did not achieve that dream of financial freedom yet.

    A great article!

    • June 2, 2017 at 4:26 am

      Thank you very much Ms. Maribel for commenting.

      I hope that upon reading my article, may it inspire your quest for financial freedom in Makati City.
      As I have said, you will be able to achieve that financial freedom; give it time and I assure you, you’ll get it.

      Thank you again, and please… please… please share this article, it will help me inspire other people too.



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