What to prepare when War breaks out in the Philippines.

So one time, a client asked me what to prepare when a War broke out.

You know what, I just said “everything”.

Preparing is a big word, especially if on your country, prepping is uncommon. However, emergencies do happen. So what if while you are watching TV, or while taking a bath or putting your kids to school, when suddenly an explosion happened nearby. Gunshots being fired, women and children running away from the opposite direction. Or better yet, you are the one running? May it be terrorist or a Foreign Invasion, What do you do?

For the expats or foreigners in the Philippines, you should know that the Philippines had a martial law. Now I am not saying that “it will happen”, but if SHTF, trust me…. the brass from the upper chairs especially a panicked leader will definitely wrest control of the nation… while putting a gag-order and pulling you out in a noose while an invasion force is incoming.

You want to be that person? I sure do hope not. So the only thing to do, is to not mess around (esp. outside) when a martial law is upheld. Because guess what happens after martial law? PLUNDERING.

No, I am not talking about a politician PLUNDERING money, this far more different than that. Honestly, I don’t care or fight politicians, they have their own problems. However, do you know what would a person do if they are deranged from all the carnage, suffering from hunger and psychological stress, while being pursued by authorities due to curfew? That would be PLUNDER.

These are some of the few items or ideas that we could prepare when such thing happen not just to protect your home but your family also while or when a War broke out.

1. Prepare for a Close-Down:

Look, people will see that there will be trouble ahead. Why? Because based from what I experienced, a lot of people will close their house or their businesses as soon as an upheaval happens. Now, if you hear an announcement that there is a civil unrest or the like, don’t stay up all night providing goods for the needy to get profit. On the contrary, you should close down EVERYTHING. Due to the initial impact of such scenario, people will be crazed to go about plundering or getting their last minute supplies hectically. So, save yourself from the unwanted attention and close those doors. Unless you want to be a victim of a mob raiding your supplies.

But also, when the invasion first starts, they either 1) Bombard Cities or 2) Sweep Houses… either ways, you should flee to a safer place away from the main city/cities if you have the time after closing everything. But if not, stay in the house and if the invasion force (if not hostile to civilians) entered your vicinity, DO NOT FIGHT.

Just let them be until they are done with their operation, if they ask you to cooperate, then do it… or they will not hesitate to harm your family. With that in mind, keep the women and children away from plain view. Do not store anything incriminating in plain sight (such as weapons). Be calm and don’t be rash. Respect them because they have the other end of the Gun.

I’ve seen and heard this many times already, people died because of panic from an invasion force. So don’t be like a last man on earth or be like Jason Bourne acting like a hero, don’t imitate it. Those are just movies, in real life, they will kill you.

after everything is done…. and no harm was done too. Then escape.

2. Prepare for food.

Oh yes, FOOD. One of the greatest commodity that will go up on price especially on a civil unrest. Other than the fact curfew is enacted, other people searching for food will make your food supply scarce. Stockpile non-perishable goods as much as practical (atleast a whole month and eat first the perishable goods such as cut-meat or vegetables.) When martial law or curfew hits, trust me, first ones to go up for price other than Gas would be food. Oh, and by the way, do not expect the fresh markets, grocerys, or puregold markets to be opened. They might still be opened, but they will eventually close.

3. Stock on water.

For the Philippines, especially for expats, you probably have experienced “cut-offs” from the water department for some maintenance or superfluous reason. Heck, even electricity is cut off for some dumb reason too. However, when SHTF, you need to stock water at your house that is good for atleast a month also. There’s a bunch of drums of buckets easily available for sale however I recommend a 1000 Liter drum for storage. If you need one, feel free to email me. It cost about just 7,000 Php or roughly $140. This water drum will last you 20 days of water supply for drinking!!!.

tank 1

3. Cooking Ware and FIRE!

Now this is interesting, see, when problems arrive in our social life, people tend to not go outside right? EXACTLY why these things will be very expensive and literally valuable- Cooking ware and fire. I usually use portable stove with a denatured alcohol as fire medium but any flammable material can be used literally saying they are liquid (alcohol or chemicals) and then I use a firestarter or magnesium. They cost about 1,000 Php or just about 20 Bucks! They are very dirt cheap so just order at me and I will deliver it. But you say, hey I can go outside instead and burn firewood!

I say, shenanigans. How can you go outside when there is a social upheaval ongoing with men on uniform firing on anything that spooks suspicion. So yeah go ahead and try to light fire outside, other than the fact that you will have to deal with other scavengers, you will also have to deal with the other entities looking at your smoke and fire signal… which will be bad. Email me if you need one. They also make one with some attachments on it too.


4. Clothing

DO NOT expect to go to the mall or any boutique store while there is a curfew going. They have a curfew for one reason, to drop perpetrators down that may cause riots or any type of trouble. It might be a political cause or whatever, but they will shoot you on the spot. Plus, if a ragged clothed man saw you wearing good clothes (esp. if you are a girl), they will tray to take it from you or just hurt you right then and there for clothes alone. So be smart. Wear comfortable clothing but not revealing in the morning. At night, wear enough clothes to ensure you will not get cold on cold weather. But wear a bulletproof vest. They have been around since times old, and they are proven to give you a next chance from so-called “accidental” gun shots. Hell, even intentional ones.

Tactical Clothing is Optional- unless you are in a force, this are ticket for a free gunshot to the head.

However if you want to wear tactically, then do it with some concealment. I prefer to wear a bulletproof NIJ Class IIIA vest with a resin type plating covered by a coat. This is very concealable however quite rare in the Philippines, so they are onREQUEST basis only.

If you would like to request a bulletproof vest, it is as easy as emailing me, just prepare 60,000 Php. I guarantee, you will thank me later.


5. Electricity and Power.

One word: Dead.  Chances are if you are on a riot prone zone or a part of the city where the first wave of invasion hits, odds are they will shut off the power. Invasion forces usually have generators on their supply vehicles so that they will not have to tap with the country’s power supply. On the invasions standpoint, this will also lessen the rate of sabotage by foreign forces but also could be used to cut the power of the resistance inside or outside of the zone. So what does it go for the normal civilian? well everything that uses electricity.  Light, radios, computers, electric stove, medical equipments…. and oh so mighty, INTERNET. So do not expect to find this article when there is trouble already. Odds are, all inter and telecommunication access will be halted once the invasion hits, and there will also go the internet and all its valuable information in mind. So why do invasion forces do these again? simple, to cut off communication, not just power, but connection with the capable people/countries.

So store those 12v marine or car batteries, you could also invest in solar power, they are cheap alternatives. You could email me for further details on this but they range from 2,000 Php to 10,000 Php.

I also especialized in dealing with generators (I’m an engineer too) so I could provide on request a 3-5 kva Gasoline type Generator for atleast 15,000 Php or just $336


I will talk about electricity on the other incoming articles.

6.  Weapons- A necessary tool.

Unless you are in a defense force in the philippines, this section might be a bit tricky. You see, in the philippines, there is no such thing as a 2nd amendment, like the US does. So, literally if you do not have a right to bear arms. So NO guns, or even ammunition. But that is not to say you cannot avail a gun in the Philippines. You can but you need to go for a LTOPF with psychiatric, physical, drug exams… etc. There is a plethora of test and here is an article that will prove how a nuisance getting a gun in the philippines is:


Is it just me talking or I hear BS ringing in my ears. But sure is true though, that’s how hard getting ammo/gun in the philippines… But as the sham-wow guy always says-“BUT WAIT…! there’s more!”;

apparently, it’s not just the acquisition that is hard, but also renewal… you will also have to do the same tests again, and go to CAMP Crame for verification.

So pretty much you could say the Government of the Philippines screwed its people up. With the looming invasion from china, and rampant other factions in the philippines (NPAs, and Abu Sayyaf, heck even ISIS), this full tower of sh#t storm mixed with an incompetent leadership will lead the Philippines back to rubble and stone.

Take my word on this, if you cannot fight while staying in the philippines when war breaks out, at least ESCAPE. if not, then you could still stick with the conventionalBOW and Arrow set or a Crossbow set. Good brands are Jaguar and Hoyt as I have used them back in the days (I was hunting before in USA). Though, this requires strength and discipline to get the skill but trust me, they do just fine as a home defense weapon. These could also be requested from me but their price vary from 9,000 php to 60,000 php. So email me if you are interested. PLUS they arelegal 100% to carry (in a case ofcourse).

bow crossbow

7. Medicines- A must have everytime.

We are all frail humans. we need nutrition, we need medicines. If we get injured or ill, we need to have a medicine readily available. But with the recent raids to drugstores and rampant riots or brush fires outside, things will get pretty hairy. So the most crucial thing to do is that, even before we have an invasion, actually, if you could see some warnings of an incoming invasion (i.e. foreign forces closing in to unspecified lands or owning them entirely and settling) this means it is time to stock up on medicines. Because if a war broke out and you are planning to go to the drugstore for last minute medicines- just don’t go there. It will be total bedlam.

As I have said before, locations with high traffic of needy people will be a place of hell due to the carnage and panic… but also a good firing range for an upcoming invasion force.

So preemptive stockpiling is needed. Store antibiotics (cotrimoxazole, amoxicillin, cefalexin ) as these are used for minor infection to major infections such as UTI or Pneumonia.

Store on antipyretics for fever such as ibuprofen and paracetamol; they also act as a pain killer too.

Dextrose with .5% sodium chloride for injuries that require blood transfusion (if blood packs are not around.)

Here’s a list of what needs to be included on your kit.

-Antibiotic (amox, cef, co-tri)  – Antiasthma (salbutamol)  -Minor surgery Kit (needle with suture kit)

-Painkiller (paracetamol, ibuprofen) – bandages (triangle and long bandages) – safety pins

-Anticholinergic  (Imodium/ loperamide and the like)  – Clotting Solution (for bleeding) – stethoscope/ sphygmomanometer

** if you are quite rich, you could buy an AED,,(automated external defibrillator); this will revive a person upon Card. arrest

I have a Gray Emergency First Aid Kit with suturing kit complete with the aforementioned medicines 

for only 3,000 Php or about $67 ONLY. No need to stockpile because you’ll have everything you need already.

Just email me if you need it ASAP.

Remember: sickness never waits, and the last thing you want is to get a medicine while in the middle of a war zone.first aid

8. Miscellaneous items to stockpile.

Just in case you have extra rooms, these items might prove to be very valuable as you could also use them as a trade item to exchange for other needed supply or for rare usage.

1. Lighter – very valuable once electricity is done for. Proof: Saravejo War, Serbia.

2. Nails – trust me hard ware stores will sell them SKY HIGH while at war. Why? because we need shelter.

3. Tissue papers – better to throw this than your precious water.

4. Candles/wax

5. Lime Powder – used for Latrine. Dig a trench or hole in the ground and do bowels there.

6. Tools: hammer, saw, drills, etc… CROWBAR is a must. It opens doors and removes nails.

7. Salt- Used to preserve perishable goods. (Fish/ meat/ etc)

8. Plastic covers/ tarp – could be used to collect water and cover buckets/ or traps too.

In conclusion, I believe preparation is the only aid we have when this worse comes to worst scenario happens. So stay safe, be calm, and do everything to survive.

And for those who are on the higher ups, C’mon and look at the news… China’s about the invade the Philippines. I would hate to see another war just because we fail to see it. Because it really is true… “Those who forget the past, will be doomed to repeat it”.




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"Jay Penn" is a Financial Literacy Mentor and Investor who is best known for his Book "Polymath's Profit". He is also an expert in the field of Maritime, Engineering, and Emergency Medical from his past careers. Experienced with Security Analysis, Crisis Prevention, Contingency Planning, and Global Maritime Distress Safety System. Currently instructs Nautical Sciences and is an avid Researcher of Business and Economics. He is also recognized as the "Top Maritime Instructor" for 3 consecutive years in the Maritime Education from 2014; raising the standard for the Maritime Industry and Training.

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