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A peaceful life, no worries, and a paradise…

Have you ever thought of living in a country where the sunny beaches, beautiful scenery, and where nice people gather about? Relaxing town house, condos, apartments where you could stay in using that pension from your retirement or savings. And perhaps, live like a king (or queen) on this modern day paradise.

You made the big change and traveled there… and even stayed there for good!

But then… Things become COMPLICATED.


You thought that the pension would be enough to cut expenses. That dinner where you have spent a lot of money before, now costs a bit too much. The people who was warm with you have started leaving you one by one, and you ask yourself “what did I do wrong?”.

The savings you have acquired is about to turn red; compromising your business, your family, your relationship, and your relaxed living on this supposed to be paradise for retirement.

Then you retrospect. You try to verify if things did go according to plan, which apparently, is not your current case. Then you think if you should either go back to what foreign country you came from in order to straight things out, or probably, there must be something that you have missed while living in the Philippines.

It was not easy now is it? Those were the words unfortunately some of us expats, foreigners, and even OFWs (overseas filipino workers) have to face. That is, if only:

You have thought about preparing on living in the Philippines!

So that brings us in your current situation. But what can you do? What should you have done? Or What can still be done?

If only you have a guide to inform you on how to prepare a SUCCESSFUL LIVING in the Philippines, but also to inform you of the opportunities of careers and business in the Philippines that could change your life for the BETTER.

You can avoid unnecessary stress, problems, or even those sad good byes here in the Philippines. If only you have my ebook titled:

“Living Successfully in Philippines: An expats guide to career and business success”

Book Cover

That, my fellow expats, foreigners, and filipinos alike, is the reason why I am here.

I am Jay Penn, and the same way as you, have experienced all of these emotions and blunders while living in the Philippines. I was a proud and ambitious veteran that thought I could cut it in the Philippines without the necessary skills for career or business all the while living in the Philippines. I have learned the hard way, shed tears, and had sleepless nights trying to get a job and or business in PH. I worry about my being both financially and emotionally.

But things changed. Now, with my experience, I now have a job in the Philippines and I even have businesses that I manage with the right people and right tools. Those things, however, did not came to me overnight…

Until I received an epiphany:

“Find work and business” 

If my problem was money, job or business; then my solution was to find work, and establish businesses that will fulfill me for a RICH and SUCCESSFUL life here in PH. So I applied, learned, and even apprenticed on almost every jobs and businesses available in the Philippines. From Networking, Engineering, Transportation, Manufacturing, Sales, Security, Medical… even Politics!

Not all of them are lucrative, and that is the reason why I made my ebook- to provide you the most lucrative, workable, and practical jobs or businesses that an expat, foreigner, or OFW can do or create.

There is a foreigner that distributes wholesale crops, there is also an independent loan agent who is an expat, business consultant, poultry raisers, stock traders, independent security and investigative agents, contractual builder, or even an independent gambling broker! There’s a ton of them opportunities that I will discuss on my upcoming ebook that even you, as a foreigner, expat, or an OFW, can do or own.

So, let me give you hope, all is not lost. There is a way, a path for all of us to still hope for the future. If all things are lost, I am still here… a proof that there is a way to catch that proverbial “Pony”- as one of my friends had said- and achieve financial stability on this paradise.

But, I want to level down with you guys. I am well aware about the situation of employment in the Philippines. The recession, the standards that don’t fit, the hardship of finding work but also, the hard part of businesses in the Philippines.. the LAWS.

I want you to adapt an attitude of resourcefulness, and learn on this ebook the necessary skills and also methods that will definitely land you that dream career or business. Where ever they may came from, or how controversial they may be, small or big; please keep an open mind. The methods will be detailed and precise, but some of the methods may mean a little more COURAGE and an APPETITE FOR CHANGE without PREJUDICE. 

Some may even envy you, some may also be infuriated by how you got that job, some may even be confused how you get that business- but we all know that it was hard and painstaking, until of course you have read my ebook.

My ebook will be your advantage;; if only they also had this ebook, then they may had the chance to also receive what you are about to get and we will all be successful, right?

But here’s the thing, in the Philippines, the obvious is usually overlooked and the knowledgeable was always frowned upon- That is the truth. But now, that is your advantage, because now you have all the informations about the system of life, careers, and business here in the Philippines, right at your FINGERTIPS.

I want you to remember that you are now away from your own home base- you are not at home anymore. Not foreign lands, not abroad, not overseas- you are now in the Philippines. And everything or anything could happen if you do so want it. If a paradise is a place of respite, you could also change that to something even better for your own good.

All you need is to open your mind and do, of course, your due HARD WORK.


This my friends, is a testament to tell you that you could, as I have achieved, receive the same results and success for your stay here in the Philippines. But not only that, I am not the only one who did this too. A lot of Foreigners have done all of the methods I have said in my ebook.

So let me tell you this then:


On my ebook, I will tell you about the SYSTEM as I call it. A systematic approach of doing career and business here in the Philippines. Tips and secrets that will help you get that career or business in the Philippines. The catch 22s, the omertas, the loopholes… everything; you will read it from here.

And I will say it right now, IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW these systems, that is up to you. Be let me warn you: you will be bound to receive the same heartaches and sleepless nights some of us had experienced. That’s the reason why I have this ebook for you to read at your leisure to inform you that there is a WAY of doing things in the Philippines that few people, even filipinos,  DON’T KNOW OF.  

Some would say it is a secret book, an ebook that holds many secrets. But my ebook is not about that, it is about the WAY people here in the Philippines originally create success. You will not get rich overnight, I will tell you that much,. But you can have that advantage or edge to achieve career success and business here in the Philippines.

Though, this is not for the faint of heart. That’s why if you are reading this already, odds are you are in desperate need of success. We are not saints or demons; so leave those prejudice aside when you read this ebook. We are just trying to achieve a chance to get ourselves together- IN WHATEVER WAY POSSIBLE.

The only path is success, so you will have to take the responsibility for your own success. You are the master of your fate, the captain of your own soul!

You have the chance now to save yourself, your family, your heart, your relationships, your friends, your business…. even your retirement, if you do yourself a favor and get my ebook as soon as you have decided to stay in the Philippines.

If life in the Philippines is what you have thought of as a paradise, we will make it that way, and let it stay that way.

It is not meant to be hard, but a few understanding of following of the system’s methodology will help you understand and achieve success while staying in the Philippines.

With that, I hope that my book may do its justice to help you achieve that success here in Philippines.


My ebook is NOW ON SALE:

“Living Successfully in the Philippines: An expats guide to career and business success”

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 Living Successfully in the Philippines Ebook

I suggest for you to read my articles here in Business in Philippines so that you may get useful ideas about opportunities here in PH while you patiently wait for my ebook.

With that, I bid you good luck and do not lose hope. If you are troubled or in need of any professional help, then comment below or email me. I hope to help you the best as I can.